Hi, I'm Kishor Gartaula
I do a little bit of everything.

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About me

From 2013, I started photography and videography full-time. Over the years, stemming from these interests, I’ve started 4 different companies, headed multiple creative teams, and been involved in numerous events. From travel agencies to cafes to real estate agencies, I’ve had experience working with a vast array of companies. Currently, I am heading Black Snow Productions, a company established in 2017, as the managing director. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to start work early and build connections at a very young age. Not everyone is born into this. When I was made aware of this privilege, in 2017, I started Encouraging Young Minds with the aim of making whatever was accessible to me, available to other people regardless of their economic and geographical boundaries.

I am what most call a people’s person. My greatest pride lies in my ability to connect with individuals and build meaningful relationships. Whether it’s working with clients, colleagues, or partners, I approach each interaction with empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to create a positive impact. By forging strong connections and establishing trust, I cultivate an environment where collaboration flourishes and shared goals can be achieved together. Above everything else, I strive to learn. Everything I undertake, I see as a learning opportunity; a chance to grow as a creator and as an individual. 

Things I do

Web Design

Although the appearance of an website is the first impression that one can make on a potential customer, the website design shouldn’t stop there. The best website design and development will make the site as beautiful as it is functional and easy to use. Having personally worked with more than 30+ clients to fulfill their website needs, I like to believe I have the required experience & knowledge to help propel any business in the digital domain.

App Development

Every business aims to increase their audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. A mobile application is capable of doing all these and helps businesses find multiple growth opportunities and generate hefty revenues. With that being said, there’s no reason for a business to not have an app for themselves. Seeing the potential in the market, I lead a team of creative developers who can make your dreams into reality.


‘More than 75% of online shoppers rely on product imagery when making a decision about a potential purchase.’ This single sentence proves how important it is to have a nice & professional photo of whatever you’re trying to sell online. Professional Photography helps your customer identify you from a sea of other similar businesses. It even helps you gain more traffic to your website, sells the benefits of your products or services, increases the perception of quality & can often be used cross-platform – forming the backbone of a strong campaign & brand identity. Having worked as a freelance photographer for 5+ years, I might just be the one you’ve been looking for!


I bet you’ve come across the cliche ‘Video Ads Are the Future of Marketing’ statement & you’d be surprised to hear that it actually isn’t wrong. Video ads have evolved from being one piece of your overall digital advertising plan to possessing a critical role in engaging potential customers. In fact, HubSpot research states that more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands — more than any other type of content. So, producing high-quality converting video advertisement isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a requirement. Having a wide array of experience with Corporate Filmmaking for the last 4+ years, you can rest assured knowing that the end product of whatever I work on is going to exceed all your expectations.


It’s a no-brainer when it comes to understanding the importance of marketing for a business/product to succeed in today’s competitive market. Over time, the platforms & methods for marketing have changed quite radically, but the essence & value has managed to remain unbothered. However, Promotion is a key element in putting across the benefits of a product or service to the customers. Well-designed marketing & promotional strategies ensure long-term success, bring in more customers, & ensure profitability for businesses. Having a lot of experience in both the Physical & Digital Marketing domains, I’m pretty sure I can add more value to your strategies.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how you or your business communicates with people. It serves to convey your ideas in a way that is not only effective but also beautiful. It optimizes your marketing efforts across all channels and is key to building a professional brand. Being consistent in your marketing collateral allows your brand to be easily recognizable & allows your customers & clients to quickly get familiar with what your company has to offer. Good graphic design makes your business look good & sets it apart from the overcrowded market. Having worked as a professional graphic designer for the past 6+ years, I can bring all of your concepts to life.

My Engagements

Our Events & Ventures


My Experiences

The Cafe with No Name, Thamel
Barista & Cashier (2014-2015)
Cloud Factory, Bhaisepati
Data Labeling Specialist (2015-2020)
Encouraging Young Minds, Imadole
Advocacy Director (2017-Present)
Black Snow Creations, New Baneshwor
Executive Director (2017-Present)
Hamro Repair, Anamnagar (Closed)
Co-Founder & Marketing Director (2018-2018)
Paradygm TV, Tahchal
Cinematographer, 2018-2019)
Travel Free Travels, Thamel
Ticketing & Sales Officer (2018-2019)
IDEBUS Global, Naxal
Co Founder & Technology Officer (2019-Present)
Black Snow Productions
Managing Director (2020-Present)
MG Group, Putalisadak
Consultant (2022-Present)
Zetto Homes, New Baneshwor
Chief Operation Officer (2022-Present)
New Day Education, Putalisadak
Branch Manager (2023-Present)


Brands I have had the privilege of collaborating with

I like to write sometimes

& also make videos on YouTube